Hi there,

My name is Samuel Zubo. I am Slovak, since 2006 living in Prague, Czech republic. I am dad, traveller, personal coach, startup developer and business analyst. Sometimes I feel like it’s enough for more lives. Well I like activity and active people also. I love to inspire and to be inspired. If I have possibility to meet interesting people they are creating, inventing, coworking… I just can’t say no :)

Samuel Zubo in Thorung La, October 2013

I say,

I love the life in the trot.

Currently I am designing for Telefónica O2 Czech republic the processes based on Roaming Decoupling initiative from European Commission. What does it means? Well, its the biggest roaming liberalization since we started to use mobile phones – if you are customer of one of the european operator, from 1.7.2014 you will have the possibility to choose roaming provider to pay much less than ever (for calls, SMSes, MMSes, data)!

Future in telecommunications will be very interesting!

My daughter Barborka is for me the biggest inspiration. I love to watch how she could be engrossed in learning and playing, happy with each step forward. She is teaching me exhaustive to be patient and to concentrate to the present moment.

So, life is better if you know someone, who is so happy like she is.

Traveling gives me the possibility to grow inside me: respect, tolerance and gratefulness to people, nature and to me personally.

And what about is this blog?

I am interested in psychology, filozofy, creativity, productivity, cooperation, startups.. I like to breathing life inside the business ideas. In this blog I will try to summarize my views on work, productivity, business development..


..did you find something interesting or provocation in my blog?

Thank you for for sharing your point of view – thank you for writing a comment!


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