Must see in Czech republic – exclude Prague

Note, that this article is about Czech republic. For information about Prague, please read the article:
My recommendations for Prague here.


Welcome to the country, where beer is cheaper than water. Czechs = Beer nation :)

There are many places in Czech republic, where you will feel like in story tale. Especially on the castles, or walking the medieval cities, trekking in rocky mountains. And there are few „Must see“ I strongly recommend.

1. Český Krumlov (medieval city with castle over the river, protected by Unesco)

2. Prachovské skály – Český ráj (protected natural area with amazing rocks from Mesozoic era – about 60-200 millions years old!)

There are additional sighting places you can visit during your trips to these places. The best approach is to rent a car for at least 2-3 days and do two trips from Prague:

I. trip – South Bohemia

II. trip – Souroundings of the Prague:


If You come from Russia, probably You would like to visit the city of Karlovy Vary. But I do not find it interesting :)

More about Unesco in Czech republic in different languages.

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