A four-days fast

1st day (20.6.2014) I started with fast.

8:00 AM

So many friends of mine already tried a few days fast, so I’d like to try it also. I have no plan. Will see how it will go, how I will feel my self..

So I eat my last breakfast – mango and banana. :)

Mango and banana

11:16 AM

Every time I am trying to concentrate to work, after few moments my mind whispering: „let’s have a short break and eat something“ :)


Voice from my stomach are still here. But I am not so hungry as I was in the lunchtime. My mind is still focusing how to get something to eat, how to go to the shop… It’s like second person inside me, which it ignoring that this is the fast! :)

2nd day – taking rest during the weekend

I do not feel so hungry as yesterday. I did short yoga exercises. I still have the feeling, how amazing it would be to eat what I like. My breakfast is glass of water. :)

2014-06-21 at 09-23-25 glass of water

13:07 - Feeling relaxed

So it’s few minutes after solstice. After one hour of imaginations about my life I feel more comfortable and relaxed.

I am still listening music. Now I am thinking about launch. I will have some water ;)


Without water the fast would by hard. I am not taking rest today. Cleaning flat, thinking about… „things“. :)))

I sort out a lot things which I do not use, and put them to big box.

And now watching clouds on the sky from my floor..

2014-06-21 at 18-01-46 clouds through my window


I have good mood :)


I decided to do short walk. I am taking water and sugar with me – for case I would need restart.. The dog in one court, which nows me long years and always ignored me, started to bark. :/

I noticed, I am moving slower and continuously.


I am meditating on the mole of the lake Hostivařská přehrada, and listening „The best of Chopra center“. I am feeling good as a part of this lovely place. :)

2014-06-21 at 20-20-15 meditation 2014-06-21 at 20-44-39 2014-06-21 at 20-55-19 2014-06-21 at 21-11-52 2014-06-21 at 21-12-28

I hear some voices from another side of the lake. I like people :) I am feeling, they are so good… :)

My iPhone have got probably some electro shock from my energy :) It stopped working, it is not starting. :(


I’ve got few flowers from linden. Such a nice smell! Breathing the smell of the flowers, smiling I am passing two guitar players. I can recognize surprised faces in the dark.


I did about 7km by walking, and about 1/2 hour of meditation.

After the reset my iPhone works again. :)


This is not dry fast. So let’s have a „water dinner“, take a shower and good night ;)


3rd day

I woke up at 5am. Started day with short meditation. I drove to work and back a did few yoga exercises. I am hungry. Probably is it normal behavior of stomach – to expects food on morning.


I feel calm :)

I wonder, how much energy we have in our bodies, if I could stay so long alive without eating. :)

4th day


Since yesterday I feel stronger biting of my hearth. Whe lying, I feel in the beg and neck. The puls now is about 55 bits per minute after 1 hour after I woke up.

I am doing meditation and yoga exercises and let’s have a nice day ;)


I am feeling peace in my heart and soul. But I can still work and do my business. I am more genles to my self and to others. :)

Calm is probably the right word. There is nothing scary in my life. :)


I noticed, that my priorities are changing. But how? It’s a secret a litle bit. Let’s say about self-regard. But it could relate with my morning meditations also.

I hungry for knowledge again. I am reading books about psychology.


5th day (end)


I am starting with eating. On the breakfast I am having vegetable soup (carrot, broccoli, cauliflower). Starting with few pieces, after 15 minutes I eat more and after 30 minutes finishing the rest. I feel movement in intenseness after 4 days.. Such an interesting feeling, that your body is working on something, you not driving. I feel that some of my power is dedicated to digestion. Nothing pleasant.

2014-06-24 at 06-50-19 first dish after fast


I am at work, on the meeting with 20 people and feel happy and calm, with the smile on my lips. Life is beautiful :)


Thank you my friends for inspiration to get this interesting experience. I feel much stronger. Every time I wasn’t able to eat on time in the past, I had so bad feeling and did worry about my health. Now I see how incredible we, as the human benign are. How much we are able to do, how amazing our bodies are and how nice connection and relationship are between our psychical and body state..

Something has been changed – my priorities changed. My interest for my own grow is bigger, I found again the the pleasure in reading and studying. During the fast I felt much flexible and calm, also thanks to meditation and yoga, which I did each morning. So I’d like to make a habit to do it each morning.

I started to distinguish in praxis two ways, how to look at people – first is just a cover, second is the soul. I think, the soul is mostly very nice, sometimes affected or busted, but in the principle nice. Better day I could have, when I am looking over the cover, to these nice souls :)



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