What to see, what to do in Prague – my personal recommendation

Note, that this article is about Prague. If you are interested in Czech republic as well, check this article:
Must see in Czech republic – exclude Prague >>



Few pictures from Prague first >>

Prague from bird perspective:

Short video about Prague



Mostly you will stay in city center. The best approach is to use 3rd best public transport in the Europe – Prague public transport – detailed information you can find here.

In the late night, you might need Taxi. You have to know, that there are two things most hated by tourists in Prague: Taxi and Exchanges. Why? Because of volume of the frauds. The prices for Taxi in Prague are regulated by city hall. The maximum price for 1km is 28CZK – official info – here.

Walking Prague

Recommended offline application for very detailed navigation in Prague and whole Czech republic – MAPY CZ – on iTunes or Google Play.

1st line – must see***

  • Staré město (Old Town) – include Old Town square and Charles bridge,
  • Malá strana (Small city),
  • Pražský hrad (Prague castle)
  • Židovské mesto (Jewish city)
  • Dlouhá třída – (bars and restaurants)

Length: 10km   |   To view map click on: http://mapy.cz/s/jopK   |   To download navigation click on: GPX

Praha - trasa 1 - Staré mesto - Malostranské námestie - Hrad - Židovské mesto - Florenc

The „Must see“ in Prague

2nd line – Vyšehrad, Náplavka, Petřín, Strahov monastery, Prague castle, Letná**

  • Vyšehrad
  • Slavín – the cemetery of famous Czechs
  • Náplavka – popular chilling and dating place
  • Tančící dům
  • Church of Sn. Cyril and Sn. Method (creators of today’s Cyrillic, used in Russia and Bulgaria). The church, was the last place where the Czech and Slovak soldiers lost their life in the fight against SS troops after assassination of the Heidrich. Short video.

Length: 15km   |   To view map click on: http://mapy.cz/s/joxM   |   To download navigation click on: GPX

2nd line - Vyšehrad, Náplavka, Tančící dům, Petřín, Zámecké zahrady, Letná.

2nd line – Vyšehrad, Náplavka, Petřín, Strahov, Prague castle, Letná.

Stay online – use internet

Most of the restaurants and cafes in Prague offer the WiFi connection. If there is WiFi, it’s free. Mostly you should ask for password.
Czech SIM card
If you are coming to Prague for more than 2 days, I recommend to buy a prepaid SIM card to save money. We use LTE in Prague so the data speed will be faster than in most of the WiFi-s in restaurants. Buy SIM card from operator „O2“, as they have the best network, so You will be really online ;) Exception:
  • between metro stations there is no signal,
  • in some clubs in very old buildings with more than 1m wide walls you can stay offline.
The Sim card from operator O2 (best network) should cost 150CZK (about 5,5€)*. From that money you will get credit 50CZK. To use data, you should buy additional credit.
Now you can activate the data program – e.g.: 375MB** for 90CZK* by sending the SMS with the text: IVMM to the number: 999111. More info – here. Once you have used it up, O2 will renew your volume of data (if you would have enough credit).
To deactivate data program send SMS with the text: DIVM to 999111. You will not be charged again next week, but also you will not be able to use Internet from operator.
To check the credit call to the number: *104*# and your phone will display the remaining credit on it’s screen.
The sim card and credit you can  buy in the shops, places where you can buy newspapers etc.
*Information from 11. July 2015
**Another data programs – more or less data for different prices you can find here. How to activate them you will find here.

Jazz and Blues

Bars & Clubs & Lounge

In Prague, we have a lot of bars. You will find a lot of bars on the area of the street „Dlouhá třída“.

Electro and alternative scene

For Salsa, Bachata, Zouk and other latino dancers:


Would You like to meet some Russian speaking friends?


MAINSTREAM & DANCE – for normal people, for each weekend :)

Wedding in Prague?

Order photograph, buy /send fresh flowers from florist Ani’s Freja inside Prague, or order all inclusive wedding service.

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