Import PayPal statements

If you have an e-shop, you sell on eBay, or you just use PayPal and you need to import the PayPal transaction into your accounting software, we have a great news for you. Using the on-line service Import-Statement can save a lot of time and money.

How it works?

Considering, PayPal is similar to bank, the Import-statement service creates bank statements, which can be imported to the accounting software as transaction on your „PayPal bank account“.

What you have to do?

Download your statement from as described here. The Import-statement service will transform this original statement to the one of most used formats used in accounting in the Central Europe: ABO, GPC, XML.

Which accounting software is supported?

Currently is supported and tested most used accounting software in the Central Europe: Money S, Pohoda. You can use any other accounting software which provides way to import statements in the format ABO, GPC, XML.


  • Saves accounting costs
  • Improves quality
  • Saves time


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